Love this kid to bits! Turning 9 next month and he still loves cuddling. Sridama Krsna das is such a sweet soul – a gentle little man. He often, throughout the day, comes and cuddles up against me. I spend a lot of time laying down and this guy will just be my buddy. If he has a book he likes to get as close as he can and find a little nook up against me. He has an inner calmness about him, a steadfast simplicity of emotion. He knows who he loves and those are his people and he is happy with that. On the flip side he is also very very naughty, crazy and noisy. He never stops talking or making noises! (the only exception is when he is reading a book full of words like poop and fart and then he just giggles a lot while he stays enthralled and MOSTLY silent!) I remember my brothers being like that too, if they were not talking they were making truck noises or singing made up strange songs that contained the words “poop” a lot.

These photos just remind me how affectionate and loving this little guy has always been. And that is all I wanted to say.